Top 10 Affordable Agriculture Equipments in India


Farming is quite challenging now for Indian farmers. They have to deal with higher equipment costs, labor shortages, and a continuous need to boost agricultural production. But don’t worry, Balwaan Agri has arrived with its best and most affordable agriculture equipments!

They are committed to revolutionizing farming and helping farmers succeed by providing high-quality, low-cost agriculture equipment.

These tools are specially designed to boost agriculture production and help farmers to work smarter, not harder.

Harvesting Equipments

Farmers face the challenge of managing vegetation and overgrown fields, which can be time-consuming, costly, and laborious. The Balwaan Brush Cutter machine provides an effective solution by offering powerful, affordable, and lightweight agriculture equipment that simplifies these agricultural tasks. 

It has so many features like:

Lightweight and Portable Design: Carry it anywhere effortlessly.

360-Degree OperationBalwaan crop cutter access hard-to-reach areas with ease for precise cutting and trimming.

Three Attachments: Choose from 80 teeth blade, a 2-teeth blade, and a nylon tap n Go cutter for specific cutting needs.

Efficient Crop Cutting: This crop cutting machine easily cuts various crops like wheat, paddy, maize, Jowar, Sugarcane, and more. This agriculture equipments can also clear thick plants and unwanted bushes.

Easy Shoulder Carry: Its lightweight design allows comfortable carrying.

Brush Cutter Applications and Benefits


Agriculture: Balwaan brush cutter machine suitable for cutting standing crops like wheat, paddy, maize, Jowar, Sugarcane, and more.

Horticulture: This balwaan crop cutter is best for pruning trees and maintaining gardens.

Lawn Garden Maintenance: Efficiently trim grass and unwanted weeds.

This crop cutting machine helps in shaping hedges and removing dense undergrowth.


✅ Balwaan brush cutter machine saves time and effort in agricultural activities

✅ Provides precise and clean cutting results

✅ Reduces manual labor and increases productivity

✅ Convenient for pruning trees and trimming hedges.

This agriculture equipment is environmentally friendly with reliable 4-stroke brush cutter engines.

Power Reaper Advantages and Uses

Farmers often struggle with the laborious and time-consuming task of crop cutting. The Balwaan Reaper 2FD Petrol is the ultimate solution, providing an advanced and self-propelled harvester that revolutionizes crop cutting with this agriculture equipments outstanding efficiency and affordability.

It also gives you

High-Powered Performance: This Balwaan Reaper machine is Fast and accurate in cutting in challenging areas.

User-Friendly Controls: This harvesting machine provides a simple and comfortable design for simple operation.

Low Maintenance: This Balwaan Reaper machine has long-lasting components and easy-to-maintain parts that reduce delay.


Increased Efficiency: This power reaper cutting machine provides Faster harvesting reduces labor costs and saves time.

Enhanced Precision: Clean and uniform crop cutting minimizes wastage and maximizes productivity.

Cost Savings: Faster process reduces labor costs and maximizes productivity.

Improved Harvest Quality: Balwaan Reaper machine’s advanced features help to get higher crop quality and market value.



Balwaan Reaper machine is quite suitable for both tall and short crops such as paddy, wheat, mustard, soybean, rajma, cumin, green grams, black grams, Mustard, Paddy, Wheat, fennel, Coriander, Sesame, Jute, Bengal gram, etc

This harvesting machine or agriculture equipment is best for small to medium-sized farms, and commercial harvesting operations.

Soil Preparation Equipments

Get rid of the backbreaking labor in the fields! The power tiller machine has come to change the way you farm. These powerful agriculture equipments, with their incredible performance and ease of use, also known as chota tractor, take the hard labor out of tilling, making farming simple and enjoyable. With the Power Tiller machine, you can enjoy the future of agriculture and comfort.

The Tiller machine comes with a

Dynamic 212 cc engine delivers outstanding tilling performance.

Adjustable tilling width options of 13 in., 22 in., and 24 in.

Perfect for customers who have a tight budget for small gardens under 2,500 sq. ft.

This tiller machine is designed to produce the best results in already cultivated areas.

Power Tillers Benefits and Uses


This tiller machine gives you powerful performance for efficient tilling.

customizable width for flexible use.

This agriculture equipment gives affordable options without compromising performance.

Efficient tilling in compact spaces.

Enhanced soil preparation and gardening outcomes.


This tiller machine can be used in 

Small residential gardens, flower beds, and vegetable rows.

Gardening projects in limited spaces.

Urban gardening with limited garden areas.

Sprayers for Different Tasks

Experience the new level of technology for your different spraying tasks.

Presenting! The Manual Sprayer is versatile agriculture equipment for agriculture, horticulture, and household use. Made with high-quality materials, it offers a comfortable grip and easy water filling. Suitable for all farming conditions

Along with this, It also has so many features like,

The use of high-quality engineered plastics ensures durability.

It has a comfortable grip for easy handling.

Easy to use by filling the bottle with water and spraying as needed.

Manual Sprayer Uses and Benefits


Used in agriculture and horticulture for spraying pesticides and fertilizers.

Best for household tasks like watering plants and cleaning outdoor areas.

This agriculture equipment ensures efficient irrigation of plants in gardens and nurseries.



Multipurpose farming tool for agricultural, horticulture, and home duties.

Offers simple and continuous spraying.

Battery Sprayer Features and Advantages

Say goodbye to the tiring and time-consuming task of manually spraying water and pesticides on plants. The Balwaan battery sprayer machine is a specially designed agriculture equipment that effortlessly covers a large area with just one charge. With easy operation and efficient performance, This battery sprayer saves your time and energy, making it an essential agriculture equipment for farmers and gardeners.


Wide Applications: The Battery Sprayer is used in agriculture, horticulture, plantations, and gardens.

Versatile Spraying: This battery sprayer machine can spray weedicides, insecticides, and water-soluble medicines on crops and sanitize objects.

High Tank Capacity: The 18-liter tank allows extended spraying without regular refills.

Long-lasting Battery: This battery sprayer machine is equipped with a high-performance Dry Acetate battery for long-lasting use.

Wide Spray Range: This agriculture equipment provides continuous mist spray within a 12 feet radius for effective coverage.


Time and Effort Savings: Eliminates manual pumping, saving time and effort.

Efficient Spraying: Adjustable nozzles and high tank capacity provide complete coverage.

Flexible Applications: This battery sprayer can be used in agriculture, horticulture, and other fields.

Extended Battery Life: Multiple spraying sessions before recharging.

Easy Handling: Balwaan battery sprayer gives you a user-friendly design suitable for people of different skill levels.


Agriculture: Balwaan battery sprayer is quite suitable for spraying pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals on crops.

Horticulture: Suitable for plant care and maintenance in gardens and nurseries.

Forestry: This agriculture equipment is used for spraying insecticides and fungicides in trees and forested areas.

Plantations: This battery sprayer is effective in applying fertilizers and chemicals on large-scale plantations.

HTP Sprayers Benefits and Applications

In farming, spraying liquid solutions on crops can be tough and time-consuming. But with the Really HTP Sprayer Pump, things change. This powerful agriculture equipment makes spraying easy and efficient, giving farmers a more productive and profitable experience.

Along with this, the HTP sprayer gives you:

Heavy-duty Design: The Really HTP Sprayer Pump is built for tough agricultural and horticultural tasks.

Effective Spraying Capability: It can effectively spray liquids like water, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

High-pressure Performance: The pump maintains constant high pressure for uniform and extensive spraying coverage.

Durable Construction: The sprayer comes with top-quality components for long-lasting performance and low-maintenance use.

Portable and Versatile Mounting: This agriculture equipment can be carried on a small cart or easily mounted on a tractor for efficient spraying on agricultural land.


Coverage: The sprayer allows uniform and efficient spraying, which results in better crop protection and higher production.

Time and Labor Saving: Its high-pressure performance reduces the time and effort required for spraying tasks.

Long-term Durability: The durable construction of this agriculture equipment provides longer life and reliable operation, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Easy to Use: The sprayer’s portability and multiple mounting options make it convenient and user-friendly.


Agriculture: This agriculture equipment is suitable for various agricultural applications, including crop spraying, pest control, and fertilization.

Horticulture: It can be used in nurseries, gardens, and greenhouses for plant care and maintenance.

Farming Operations: The sprayer is essential for efficient spraying on large-scale farms, ensuring optimal crop health and productivity.

Landscaping: This agriculture equipment can be utilized for maintaining and protecting lawns, parks, and landscapes from pests and diseases.

Home use: An HTP sprayer helps you water your plants in the garden or clean dirty surfaces like cars and bikes using a special spray nozzle.

Industrial use: In industries, an HTP sprayer is used to apply pesticides to protect crops from bugs or to paint large surfaces quickly and evenly, like walls or machinery.

Portable Power Sprayer Benefits and Applications.

Tired of the time-consuming spraying tasks on your farm? The Portable Power Sprayer comes to change your life. This powerful agriculture equipment saves time and energy by allowing for easy spraying, making farming simple. Accept the Portable Power Sprayer’s advantages and enjoy a more efficient and profitable farming journey.

Also, It gives you,

Flexible application: Suitable for various agricultural and gardening tasks.

Multiple uses: Used in orchards, crops, plantations, terrains, and for cleaning.

Efficient cleaning: This portable power sprayer can be used for sanitation, public health, and easy cleaning.

Reliable engine: Fuel-efficient and powerful 4-stroke 35CC engine for continuous use.

Bi-directional spray: This agriculture equipment provides a double discharge outlet for simultaneous spraying in two directions.


Increased reach: Impressive 20-meter horizontal spraying range.

High water discharge: 800-1000 liters/hour capacity for efficient spraying.

Rust-resistant components: Most parts are brass powder coated for durability.

Long-range spraying: Sufficient thrust for coverage up to 20 meters.

Convenient accessories: Includes a brass head spray gun and a 25-meter hose pipe.



Agriculture and gardening: This powerful agriculture equipment provides efficient pest control and crop maintenance.

Cleaning tasks: Best for Orchards & Tall Trees, Vegetable Crops, Tea & Coffee Plantations, Hilly Terrains, mango garden, and car washing.

Sanitation and public health: Maintains cleanliness and hygiene.

Pesticide application: This portable power sprayer gives you effective pest management and crop protection.

Weeders & Tillers Equipments

Step into the future of effortless gardening with innovative weeders & tillers equipments.

Introducing!  Mini Power Tillers! These powerful and unique agriculture equipments are designed to take the hard work out of tilling and weeding. Get ready to witness the transformation of your garden with the power of Mini Tillers.

This mini power tiller is quite versatile for field operations, including weeding and tillage.

Efficient in applications include weeding between vegetable rows, land preparation, and the overall tillage process.

This agriculture equipment efficiently tills up to 1 acre in 2.5-3 hours at 70% working capacity.

This mini power tiller is powered by a 2-stroke 63 CC petrol engine.

Easy movement with provided wheels and tilling depth of approx 5-6 inches.

Mini Tiller Benefits and Applications


Saves time and effort with efficient tillering and weeding.

Increases productivity with fast coverage of large areas.

Convenient petrol-powered operation.

Easy transportation with built-in wheels.

This mini power tiller gives you effective tillering with heavy-duty, high-carbon steel blades.



This mini power tiller can be used in:

Weeding between vegetable rows, land preparation, and overall tillage.

Suitable for agriculture, gardening, farming, and horticultural tasks.

Wood-Cutting Equipments

Experience the advanced performance of  the latest and innovative wood-cutting equipments.

Get ready for the Gasoline Chainsaws Designed to handle tree cutting, pruning, and firewood tasks effortlessly, these powerful agriculture equipments eliminate the need for manual labor. Get ready to use the accuracy and power of Gasoline Chainsaws to meet all of your cutting demands.


This powerful agriculture equipment gives high performance with better fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.

Suitable for medium, small, and large-size tree cutting, trimming, pruning, and firewood cutting.

Smooth handle grip to improve operational efficiency.

3-point anti-vibration system for enhanced balance, flexibility, and comfort.

This agriculture equipment is designed for quick, smooth, and easy pull starts.

Gasoline Chainsaws Benefits and Applications


Increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Flexible capabilities for various tree-cutting, trimming, and firewood-cutting needs.

Improved handling and reduced stress with a comfortable handle grip and anti-vibration system.

Quick and effortless starts for efficient and productive work.

This powerful agriculture equipment has a powerful motor and Durable guide bar for smooth cutting operations.



We can use it in Medium, small, and large tree cutting, trimming, and pruning.

Lawn care and yard work, including tree maintenance.

Wood slicing for woodworking projects.

Suitable for farm, garden, and pasture applications.

Please follow safety precautions due to the high chain speed and sharp cutters to reduce the risk of personal injury.

Plantation & Construction Equipments

Farmers often suffer from the laborious and time-consuming task of digging holes in various soil types. However, the Balwaan Earth Auger BE-63 comes to the help, providing a powerful and adaptable solution. Designed specifically for farmers, this user-friendly agriculture equipment simplifies hole digging, saving valuable time and effort in agricultural activities.

Along with this, Earth Auger also has 

A powerful 63cc 2-stroke petrol engine for efficient performance.

Different bit sizes are available for various hole depths.

User-friendly controls for easy operation.

Fuel-efficient for extended use.

This agriculture equipment wants Low maintenance for long-term durability.

Earth Auger Benefits and Applications


Faster and Easier Digging: Reduces time and effort compared to manual digging technique.

Flexibility: Balwaan Earth Auger is quite suitable for various drilling tasks in agriculture, horticulture, and fencing.

Improved Precision: This Earth Auger Gives you accurate hole position for better planting and building.

Increased Productivity: Lowers labor costs and enables faster project completion.



This agriculture equipment is suitable for drilling holes in lawns, farms, nurseries, and greenhouses.

Drills holes in banana plantations and vegetable crops.

Best for use in Agriculture Institutes, Horticulture Plantations, Highway Authorities, and Fencing Contractors.

Balwaan Earth Auger Can be used for soil sampling and other similar operations.

At last, choose the most affordable and the best Balwaan agriculture equipment, and take your farming journey to new heights.

Balwaan Krishi provides a wide range of agriculture equipments & farming tools that are suitable for various agricultural tasks. With cutting-edge technology, durable construction, most affordable and user-friendly design, these agriculture equipments or balwaan agri power tools are built to withstand the demands of the farming industry.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to boost your farming techniques with Balwaan Agriculture Equipments.

Upgrade your machinery and visit Balwaan Krishi now!

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