Top 5 ISI Certified Agriculture Equipment List

Top 5 ISI Certified Agriculture Equipment List


Indian farmers face many challenges with their agriculture equipment. The equipment they depend on for farming is often not trustworthy or durable enough, resulting in sudden breakdowns. These breakdowns cause delays in their work and force farmers to spend extra money on repairs, which can be a burden on their already limited resources.

So, is there any solution we can buy trusted and affordable agriculture equipment?

Fortunately, there’s a solution that comes for you: ISI certification. This certification guarantees that the agriculture equipments are durable, dependable, and capable of handling challenging tasks on the farm.

When equipment is ISI certified, it means that agriculture equipment goes through tough tests to ensure it meets high-quality standards. 

The agriculture machinery they use will last a long time and won’t fail easily. It saves time and money in the end for them.

Benefits of ISI-Certified Agriculture Equipment

Safety: ISI certification ensures agriculture equipment meets strict safety standards, protecting farmers and consumers.

Efficiency: ISI-certified equipment maximizes farming efficiency, saving time and increasing productivity.

Durability: ISI certification guarantees agriculture equipment is built to withstand farming demands, reducing breakdowns and repair costs.

Cost Savings: ISI-certified equipment offers long-term cost savings.

Reliability: ISI-certified tools provide consistent and reliable performance, ensuring efficient harvesting and increased production.

Top 5 ISI-Certified Balwaan Agriculture Equipment

Balwaan Backpack Brush Cutter
Balwaan Back Pack BX-35Bi, India's first ISI-certified brush cutter machine
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Balwaan Side pack Brush Cutter​ (BX-35i)
Balwaan side pack BX-35i ISI Certified Brush Cutter with 360-degree working capability
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Balwaan Knapsack Sprayer ​(BKS-35i)
ISI-certified agriculture equipment specially designed to transform your spraying experience.
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Balwaan Water Pump (WP-35i)
Powerful and reliable agriculture equipment designed to meet your water pumping needs.
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Balwaan Krishi Back pack Brush Cutter

Get the perfection of the Balwaan Back Pack BX-35Bi, India’s first ISI-certified brush cutter machine.

Brush cutter machine’s robust & lightweight design for your comfort, This agriculture equipment has quite flexible attachments for specific cutting needs are ready to transform your farming and gardening tasks.


Backpack Brush Cutter Features

ISI Certified: Balwaan Crop Cutter guarantees high-quality standards and dependability.

Flexible Applications: Perfect for cutting crops, dense growth, pruning trees, trimming hedges, maintaining gardens, and 

Durable Construction: Brush cutter made from strong alloy steel, that gives a long-lasting performance.

360-Degree Working: Balwaan Crop Cutter provides efficient operation in all directions for precise gardening due to its design we can easily use it in sloppy and hilly areas.

Multipurpose Attachments: This crop cutting machine is equipped with an 80-teeth blade, a 3-teeth blade, and a nylon tap n Go cutter.

Efficient Crop Gathering: Gathers and neatly places cut crops on one side for fast collecting.

High Cutting Capacity: This brush cutter machine has a powerful blade that can effortlessly cut  12-15 bighas of crops at 70% capacity.

Comfortable Design: Comfortable design that provides convenience during multiple tasks.

Backpack Brush Cutter Benefits

Increased Efficiency: Balwaan Crop Cutter Saves time and labor by cutting crops and removing unwanted weeds more effectively.

Cost-effective: Requires less physical labor and reduces crop losses.

Precision Landscaping: This crop cutter gives accurate trimming and shaping of hedges and garden grass.

Lightweight and Portable: Easy to carry allowing flexibility in various landscapes.

Reliable Performance: ISI certification ensures Balwaan Crop Cutter’s dependable and consistent operation.

Backpack Brush Cutter Applications

Agriculture: This Balwaan brush cutter machine is the Best for cutting mature crops such as wheat, paddy, maize, and more.

Horticulture: Perfect for pruning trees, trimming hedges, and maintaining gardens.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance: This crop cutting machine also gives neat and tidy landscapes with precise trimming.

Landscaping: Essential for maintaining the parks, lawns, and public spaces.

Balwaan Krishi Side pack Brush Cutter

A lightweight, multipurpose agriculture equipment called  Balwaan side pack BX-35i ISI Certified Brush Cutter with 360-degree working capability.

A quite effective brush cutter machine for farmers to efficiently cut various crops, and handle undergrowth, pruning, and trimming tasks with durable performance.


Sidepack Brush Cutter Features​

Brush cutter machine comes with many features: 

Three attachments: This Balwaan Crop Cutter has 80 teeth blades, 3 teeth blades, and Tap n Go for various cutting needs.

Simultaneously gathers and places crops on the side.

Alloy steel body 80-teeth blade for powerful cutting.

This crop-cutting machine has quitereliable and efficient Balwaan 4-stroke brush cutter engine.

Sidepack Brush Cutter Benefits

ISI certification assures brush cutter machine long-lasting and efficient performance.

Balwaan crop cutter has a Lightweight and robust design for easy handling.

Crop cutting machine’s 360-degree working capability gives you versatile operation, Efficient crop cutting, and maintaining soil health.

Sidepack Brush Cutter Applications

This Brush cutter machine is the Best solution for agriculture and horticulture.

Also quite suitable for lawn and garden maintenance.

This flexible crop cutter can also be used for tree pruning.


Balwaan Krishi Knapsack Sprayer

Introducing the BKS-35i Knapsack Sprayer – ISI-certified agriculture equipment specially designed to transform your spraying experience.

With its powerful features, comfortable design, and stylish details, It’s the perfect agriculture equipment for efficient and comfortable spraying tasks.


Balwaan Knapsack Sprayer Features

ISI certified for quality and safety.

20L tank capacity for long spraying sessions.

A robust brass pump ensures consistent flow.

Reliable heavy plunger mechanism for efficient spraying.

Versatile 3-nozzle lance and an extension rod for precise application.

Extra soft back cushion for more comfort.

Stylish leather shoulder strap for convenient carrying.

Balwaan Knapsack Sprayer Benefits

Transform the spraying experience with efficiency and comfort.

Increases productivity with longer spraying sessions.

Allows for precise and efficient spraying in various applications.


Balwaan Knapsack Sprayer Applications

Agriculture, horticulture, and gardening.

Pest control in residential, commercial, and agricultural areas.

Landscaping and maintenance of lawns, plants, and landscapes.

Industrial use for cleaning or applying chemicals.

Battery Sprayers Vs Manual Sprayers: Which One is Best for Your Farm?

From farming to gardening and other tasks, sprayers are important. They make it simple and effective for us to use liquids like insecticides, herbicides water-soluble fertilizers, or even water. But how can we choose the best sprayer machine for your particular agricultural requirements?

Balwaan Power Sprayer

A smart innovation to solve your challenging spraying tasks. 

Presenting! The BPS-35i Portable Power Sprayer 

Perfect agriculture equipment for simple and effective spraying tasks, with the portable power sprayer’s durable ISI-certified and easy-to-use design, enjoy great performance and fuel efficiency now.


Portable Power Sprayer Features

This portable power sprayer comes with an ISI-approved engine for reliability and quality.

The heavy brass pump with ABS chamber for durable and consistent performance.

Portable power sprayer comes with an upper accelerator throttle for convenient control.

Fuel-efficient design for cost-effective operation.

Portable power sprayer also gives you sufficient thrust for coverage up to 20 meters.

Portable Power Sprayer Benefits

Portable power sprayer gives you a lot of benefits:

Enhanced spraying performance and efficiency.

This portable power sprayer gives you long-lasting durability for longer use.

It also has precise control and ease of operation.

Provides cost savings with fuel efficiency.

Portable power sprayer also provides a double discharge outlet for simultaneous spraying in two directions

Portable Power Sprayer Applications

This portable power sprayer is quite suitable for agricultural spraying tasks.

Best for pest control and weed management.

Convenient for use in gardens, lawns, and landscapes.

Due to the portable power sprayer’s flexibility, we can it for various industrial and commercial spraying needs.

This portable power sprayer gives you effective pest management and crop protection.

Balwaan Krishi Water Pump

Introducing! Balwaan Water Pump WP35i,

Powerful and reliable agriculture equipment designed to meet your water pumping needs. 

With its ISI-approved engine and alloy pump, Makes it a perfect solution for efficient water pumping in various applications.


Balwaan Water Pump Features

ISI-approved engine for durability and quality assurance.

Long working hours for continuous water pumping.

Very portable design for easy carrying and use.

Robust body for durability and long-lasting performance.

Alloy pump for efficient water pumping.

Balwaan Water Pump Features

Suitable for agricultural irrigation and water transfer.

Best for domestic water supply and garden watering.

Useful for construction sites and drainage applications.

Also effective for emergency water pumping and flood management.

Buying Guide for ISI-Certified Agriculture Equipment

  • Assess specific needs based on farm size and tasks required.
  • Set a budget range for specific agriculture equipment considering long-term durability.
  • Ensure compatibility with existing agri machinery.
  • Verify ISI certification for quality assurance.
  • Check warranty and after-sales support.
  • Compare prices and features from reputable suppliers.
  • Purchase from reliable suppliers known for quality like “ Balwaan Krishi”.
  • Make a smart decision based on research and evaluation.


When it comes to trusted and durable and affordable agriculture equipment, quality matters, choose Balwaan ISI-certified agriculture equipments for long-lasting durability, affordability, and effective performance. Invest in long-lasting agriculture equipments, and enjoy effective performance.

Don’t compromise on the success of your agricultural dream.

Make a smart choice today, Don’t wait – visit now! “Balwaan Krishi” and enjoy the success. 

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